Flaminio Village

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Flaminio Village

Flaminio Village

Flaminio Village
Looking for a room or an apartment in Rome?

Flaminio Village; be it travelling with family or friends, entertainment or business, for a seminar or a concert, it is the ideal location, why? Well... read on to find out.

With its 120 rooms and apartments each with separate entrances, the Flaminio village is the ideal alternative to your traditional hotels with far more reasonable rates, be it high or low season bestowing all the services you would come across in a hotel, of which B&B service with a splendid breakfast, a first-class restaurant and an effective airport shuttle.

Situated nearby the Vejo Park on the north side of Rome, go for long tranquil walks amongst the trees and prairies of green, where the centre of town not too far off only 15 minutes by car or public transport.

Open throughout the year, the Flaminio village welcomes you with a smile and is at your beck and call right through to the very end.

Come explore our new website with pictures of our rooms and apartments and all the services offered, but in particular for our specials and last minute offers.

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Flaminio Village

Via Flaminia Nuova, 821 - 00189 ROMA - ITALY
Tel. (0039)063332604 - (0039)063331429 (0039)0633220505 Fax (0039)063330653
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